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Sleep Therapy Supplies (CPAP/BIPAP) Resupply Ordering

Thank you for choosing Home Care Specialists as your Sleep Therapy Provider.  This page will provide information on how and when to order replacement masks and accessories for your CPAP/BIPAP therapy.  Replacing these components regularly will ensure you stay comfortable and compliant with your therapy helping you get the rest you deserve!

We have created three free and easy ways for you to get reminders when you are due, plance and order for supplies you need, and request help from our team of specialists to address any comfort or use challenges you may be having.  For more information about each process click on the links below:

1. Connect Email Reminders and Ordering Portal

2. Connect Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Reminders and Ordering

3. Order on your own schedule

Whatever method you use your insurance may require prior authorization and/or documentation from your physician.  Many insurance companies such as Blue Cross, Harvard, and Tufts require a download from your CPAP/BIPAP showing compliant use with thearpy and Prior Authorization prior to us being able to ship your supplies.  Our staff will handle all this for you and notify you of any action needed from your.

Most of the CPAP/BIPAP machines made in the past few years are connected to the cloud via a wireless modem and we can obtain your compliance data.  Some of the older machines have a SD card what stores the data which will need to be mailed in.  Our staff will contact you if we need to obtain the data card from your device.

For any questions or if you want to sign up for automated reminders via one of easy methods call us at 1-800-698-8113 or email resupply@hcshme.com.