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Ordering Page

You may now order your CPAP/BIPAP supplies directly through our secure online patient portal and receive a reminder email when it is time to reorder your new supplies. 

You can request us to send you and invite to your email address.  The email will contain your unique Patient Portal Link to complete your one time registration.  Click on the link and create you new account by entering in the following information when prompted:

Your Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

Create password and confirm

Select and answer 3 required security questions

Orders Are Crated In 4 Easy Steps:

1. Answer Supply questions regarding your therapy and need for new supplies.

2. Choose the desired supplies.

3. Verify address and insurance information

4. Review order items and accept to place.

Portal Link: www.myresupply.com/HomeCareSpec

If you would like to sign up, have questions, or want to be removed from the email service contact us at resupply@hcshme.com or call 1-800-698-8113