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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

President - William Desmarais: Bill is an active owner / president of Home Care Specialists, Inc. as well as a long time respiratory therapist. When not in the office Bill enjoys boating, travel and spirited political debate. Contact Bill at bdesmarais@hcshme.com.

Vice President– Brian Desmarais: Brian is a respiratory therapist and has worked for Home Care Specialists since 1993. Brian currently oversees all of the clinical operations, as well as our fleet of driver technicians. Brian's knowledge and experience in the DME industry is extensive and he continues to pioneer new methods, therapies, and service models for HCS. Email him at Brian@hcshme.com.

Chief Financial Officer– Jason Morin: Jason has been with HCS since 1997 and is currently responsible for all aspects of customer service, billing, and collections and is also a registered respiratory therapist. Over the years, Jason has worked to streamline and improve the reimbursement process using electronic medical records and automated processes. Email him at Jasonm@hcshme.com.

Chief Operations Officer– Justin Cognata: Justin has been a member of the HCS team since 1997 and in his current capacity oversees all of the inventory management, equipment maintenance, and IT functions at HCS. During his time with HCS Justin has been responsible for a number of technology and process improvements and continue to use technology to drive efficiency. Email him at  Justin@hcshme.com.


Customer Service: Home Care Specialists recognizes that our customers have different needs and require specialized customer service staff. In that light, we have created customer service PODS: Patient-Oriented Dedicated Staff. There are three PODS, each with a unique focus to provide the best possible service.

Customer Service Manager - Jamie Fitzgerald . If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact her at jfitzgerald@hcshme.com

The Referral POD: Now more than ever we appreciate the challenges that healthcare professionals have when ordering medical equipment for their patients. The constant changes from Medicare and CMS are both confusing and aggravating. Our referral POD is made up of highly trained individuals who understand these complicated regulations and will help you to navigate the medical necessity documents that are required by various insurance payers.

 The Hospice POD: HCS recognizes that providing hospice care requires a unique and empathetic team that understands the needs of our hospice partners. Our Hospice POD, led by Jamie Fitzgerald, handles all aspects of hospice care at HCS, including customer service, online ordering, scheduling, and billing. If you have any questions about our hospice services, please don’t hesitate to contact Jamie at jfitzgerald@hcshme.com.

The Patient POD: Our patient team works to satisfy the needs of all of our existing customers and deliver continuing service that is friendly and helpful.

Clinical Team: Led by manager and respiratory therapist Ed Pellot, our clinical services staff work hard to deliver the high quality clinical respiratory services that people have come to expect from Home Care Specialists. Our team includes respiratory therapists, registered nurses, sleep technologists, and other clinical support staff. For clinical questions, please feel free to email cpap@hcshme.com or if you have a specific concern, please contact Ed directly at cpap@hcshme.com.

Delivery Technicians: Our team of skilled delivery technicians traverse our expansive service area every day providing friendly delivery, service, and education to all of our patients and healthcare partners. Under the direction of our driver manager James Samatis and our dispatcher CJ Samatis, our team works closely together to provide service as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Jamie at jsamatis@hcshme.com or CJ at cjsamatis@hcshme.com.

Billing & Collections: Our highly specialized team of insurance billers works hard to process claims on behalf of all of our patients as efficiently as possible. It is very important that our patients maintain accurate insurance information on file with HCS at all times in order to avoid unnecessary claim denials. You can update your information at any time here. We also work hard to ensure that all invoices that you receive are accurate and timely however we can only move as fast as your insurance carrier. If you would like to make a payment please click here.

Billing Manager - Nicole Albee. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact her at nalbee@hcshme.com

Sales: Led by our Director of Sales Andy Kleiner, our sales team works with all of our accounts to provide education, keep you informed of new products and services, and provide a communications channel between our valued referral network and the leadership of Home Care Specialists.

Andy Kleiner – Director of Sales – akleiner@hcshme.com

Kimberly DeChane – Account Rep - KDechane@hcshme.com

Moses Sanchez – Account Rep - Msanchez@hcshme.com

 Peter Bergeron - Account Rep - pbergeron@hcshme.com