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Connect IVR Ordering

 All new patients to our Sleep Therapy services are enrolled in Connect Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) follow-up program.  

This service will give you the ability to order and receive your sleep therapy supplies with greater ease and allow you to inform us of any issues you may be having with your equipment and therapy for quick resolution.  Rest assured we still want to to talk to you but only when you want to talk to us!


You will receive a telephone call every 90 days from you last resupply order.  If we are unable to reach you, we will call you again or leave a message with a return phone number you can call in at your leisure 24/7.  The call is short and easy for you to answer/respond to a few simple questions such as:

Are you having any issues with your equipment or therapy?

Are you using your equipment?

Do you need to order some or all of your supplies?

Should you have any questions or concerns flagged in the call one of our licensed clinicians will call you back to address them.  The system will also allow you to opt out if you do not want to receive future follow up calls.

If you are not receiving these follow-up calls or would like to please call us a 1-800-698-8113 or email us at resupply@hcshme.com.

We also have email reminders and an online ordering portal alternatives as well.  For more information click here: