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CPAP/BiPAP Resupply Information

Thank you for choosing Home Care Specialists. If you're in need of CPAP or BiPAP replacement parts, you're in the right place! Replacing these components regularly is essential to staying compliant with your therapy and ensuring you have a comfortable experience.

There are three free and easy ways for you to receive reminders when you're due for a refill, to place an order and request help from our team. Select one of the ways below to learn about them:

  1. Connect email reminders & ordering portal
  2. Connect interactive voice recognition (IVR) reminders & ordering
  3. Order on your own without reminders

Your Sleep Therapy Source

Whatever method you use your insurance may require prior authorization and/or documentation from your physician. Many insurance companies such as Blue Cross, Harvard and Tufts require a download from your CPAP/BiPAP, showing compliant use with therapy, and also prior authorization in order for us to ship your supplies. Our staff will handle all this for you and notify you of any action needed from you.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for automated reminds using one of our easy methods, give us a call at 1-800-698-8113 or email [email protected].

Get in Touch


Connect Email Reminders & Ordering Portal

You can now order your CPAP/BiPAP supplies directly through our secure online patient portal and receive a reminder email when it's time to reorder supplies!

You can request us to send you an invite to your email address. The email will contain your unique Patient Portal Link to complete the one-time registration. Click on the link within the email and create a new account by completing this three-step process:

  1. Enter your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  2. Create a password & confirm
  3. Select & answer 3 required security questions

To make an order, follow these four easy steps. Here's what to do:

  1. Answer supply questions regarding your therapy & need for supplies
  2. Choose desired supplies
  3. Verify address & insurance information
  4. Review order items & accept to place

If you'd like to sign up or wish to be removed from the email service, please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-698-8113. To visit the portal, click the button below.

Visit the Portal


Connect IVR Reminders & Ordering

All patients who are new to our sleep therapy services are enrolled in the Connect Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) follow-up program. IVR is an automated program that interacts with our customers and allows us to send you reminders to refill your items, gather necessary information and assist you more efficiently.

This program also allows you to order and receive your sleep therapy supplies with ease and inform us of any issues you may be having with your equipment and therapy for quick resolution and responsiveness. Rest assured we'll still want to talk to you but only when you want to talk to us!

Resupply Overview

You'll receive a telephone call every 90 days from your last resupply order. If we're unable to reach you, we'll call again or leave a message with a return phone number you can reach us at. The call is short and easy with just a few questions, including:

  • Are you having any issues with your equipment or therapy?
  • Are you using your equipment?
  • Do you need to order some or all of your supplies?

Should you have any questions or concerns, one of our licensed clinicians will call you back to address them. You can also opt out if you don't want to receive future follow-up calls. If you aren't receiving these follow-up calls or would like to, please call us at 1-800-698-8113 or email us.

Email Us


Order on Your Own 

Sometimes you just want to call when you need something and not be bothered with reminders. That works for us too! Just remember that regular cleaning and replacement is key in making sure that you're receiving comfortable therapy and are staying compliant with it!

Life gets busy and remembering to replace your resupply items is the last thing on your mind which is why we have the systems to support you if needed.

Other Methods You Can Use

  • Some machines have user settings to program your own reminders
  • Calendars, sticky notes or other places you write down important things
  • Smartphones, computers or email reminders on the devices you use daily

We are here when you need us. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email should you need to replace your items or need help.

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